Polyphony & Plainsong With Ben Saul 5th & 6th November 2022

We are delighted to be able to offer you the chance to take part in this wonderful experience.

The polyphony course is inspired by repeated requests for us to arrange such an event. A full weekend of polyphony and plainsong with Ben Saul.

The course will take place in two wonderful venues in Faversham. The final rehearsal and the service will take place in the Church of St. Mary of Charity while most of the rehearsals and the first service will take place at the chapel of the Faversham Alms Houses.

As we have two venues, we are able to give you two opportunities to perform the music; firstly in the very private surroundings of the beautiful chapel, and then, later, in the glorious church, with a congregation.

Through the music of European sacred practice, across the Mediaeval period and into the Renaissance, this weekend hopes to encourage you to explore your voice and learn how to sing this simple and rewarding music.

Ben is an immensely popular member of our team, with a genius for bringing his own brand of humour into proceedings. He has practiced as a church musician in Anglican and Catholic settings for many years.

As assistant organist at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, director of music for the Servite Priory – Fulham Road, All Saints’ – Blackheath, The Shrine of St. Thomas of Canterbury – Burgate, and currently St Mary of Charity, Faversham, he learned much about the beauty, discipline, and application of polyphony and chant in modern liturgy.

Ben is passionate about encouraging singers to dive in to this mysterious and beautiful world, to experience the magic of chant in choir, and to understand how singing polyphony can be so beneficial for the rest of our singing lives.

You will be working to towards a service of Vespers to include Stravinsky – Ave  Maria , Monteverdi – Ave Maris Stella, Victoria – O quam gloriosum, and Adrian Willaert – Magnificat tone VI as well as a whole host of plainsong liturgical chant.

The dress code for the services will be white, long sleeved shirt or blouse, black skirt or trousers, black shoes, and a tie for the men.

The fee for the course is £90.00 (Deposit £40) which does not include any food or accommodation, in order to allow people to tailor the experience to their own budget. We will, however, organise a group meal on the Saturday evening, for those who wish to join it.

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NB Deposits are non-refundable. If a participant cancels their place within a month of the date of the course, the whole fee shall be payable.






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