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I can feel it! Oxford. 9th July 2022




So, you can sing the music. You get the notes right, it’s in tune and you make quite a nice noise, or at least one that nobody is objecting to.

And yet, at the end of it, you feel strangely as if you missed something.

I have been working with choirs for years, and I can count on fingers of one hand the people who have really visibly “got it”; who are having that experience of feeling the emotion of the music in every vein of their body.

I believe that, if choiristers were trained to feel instead of being focussed mostly on the tuning, blending, getting the rhythms right etc., then choral singing in this country would be in a far stronger state than it is these days.

We talk about singing being good for us, but then we miss the point of it and surely miss out on the benefit. Of course we want to get the notes correct, and of course we want to sing in tune, but we need to know why we do it.

This will be a day which might just make the whole of your life better.

Come with an open heart and a sense of adventure and we will will do the rest.

You will be provided with music on the day, all of which will be available to you online in advance. You will enjoy a fabulous lunch in the great dining hall in Balliol College. You will be given the opportunity and the tools not just to sing the music but to experience it.

The day will begin at 11 am and we will work through until 6pm. There will be no formal concert at the end of the day. It’s not about that.

If you want to get the most out of music, this is a day you just can’t afford to miss.