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One of the questions which pops up regularly on Choral Holidays is “Would it be possible to have private singing lessons with you?” Obviously, with our clients spread throughout the country or, in some cases, throughout the world, this can be tricky. But with the benefits of modern technology, this may well be a possibility, so we are now going to set this up for our clients.

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Once upon a time, remote singing lessons would have been a ridiculous idea, but now, with super fast internet connections and fantastic sound quality on computers, it is possible to arrange to give people lessons over various social media platforms. This saves a great deal of time in travel for busy students for whom the journey to and from a lesson may well take up more time and cost more than the lesson itself.

The other advantage of this is that we can arrange lessons at times which may well be outside of what we normally consider business hours.

Obviously, if you would rather be in the same room as your teacher, we can arrange this too.

The Coronavirus outbreak offers us a unique opportunity for us. In the Golden Age of Bel Canto singing, students used to go every day for 20 minutes to their local teacher who would put them through their exercises to get the building blocks of technique solidly in place. These days, it’s almost impossible to do this because it takes to much time and cost of travel to lessons is too great. During this crisis, everyone is at home and we can use our technology to help us to recreate this way of working.

The Artistic Director of Choral Holidays, Jeff Stewart is a professional operatic tenor who has sung major operatic roles and concerts throughout the world. He is a professor of voice at the Royal College of Music in London and at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

During the coronavirus outbreak the charges are as follows £15 for 20 minutes, £20 for half and hour, £40 for an hour or 3× 20 minutes in a week for £40.

The focus of the lessons is on freeing ourselves from the worries and misconceptions which inhibit our singing and, more importantly, our enjoyment of singing, and allowing ourselves, through good practices and simplicity, to enjoy singing simply as a form of self expression.

If you are interested in taking lessons, or would like to know more, please email

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