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Northern De-Lights 2nd - 5th June 2020 - Bridlington, Beverley & Selby

This summer we’re trying something different! Choral Holidays is going on a tour!

It’s a real ambition at Choral Holidays to take people to churches which are cathedrals in all but name. On this trip we will be singing in three glorious buildings: Bridlington Priory, Beverley Minster and Selby Abbey.

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The course will be led by our Artistic Director Jeff Stewart ably assisted by Ben Saul

Bridlington Priory

We will be starting in Bridlington at 2pm on 2nd June where we will rehearse for the afternoon to prepare ourselves for the days ahead. We will then have all of Wednesday to rehearse for our first evensong in the Priory at 5pm.

Bridlington Priory was founded around 1113 by Walter de Gant, for Augustinian Canons Regular, one of the earliest Augustinian houses in England, with an adjoining convent. Its foundation was confirmed in charters by King Henry I of England. The site had formerly been a Saxon church and nunnery. When complete, the building was over 400ft long and 75ft wide, with a transept which was 150ft long. The priory was dissolved in 1538 by Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. It is still in daily use as the parish church.

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At time of writing the intention is to sing Responses by Margaret Woodley which we will use for all three services, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis by Herbert Brewer in D and our Anthem will be Mendelssohn’s He that shall endure to the end from Elijah

Beverley Minster

We then move onto Beverley Minster. The Minster owes its origin and much of its subsequent importance to Saint John of Beverley, Bishop of York (706–714?), who founded a monastery locally c. 700 and whose remains still lie in a vault beneath the nave. It became a magnet for pilgrims but was demoted to the status of Parish Church in 16th Century. Despite fires and various disasters, including the collapse of the tower, it remains today a magnificent building, always popular for touring choirs.

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Here we will rehearse from 2pm until our service of Evensong at 7.30pm which is the regular Thursday Choral Evensong in the Minster’s schedule. Our music will include Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis by C.V. Stanford in Bb and the anthem will be Giuseppe Pitoni’s In voce Exultationis)

Selby Abbey

Our final stop is at Selby Abbey. This really is an unexpected gem of a place. It is one of the relatively few surviving abbey churches of the medieval period, and, although not a cathedral, is one of the biggest. It was founded by Benedict of Auxerre2 in 1069 and subsequently built by the de Lacy family.
On 31 May 1256, the Abbey was bestowed with the grant of a Mitre by Pope Alexander IV and from this date was a “Mitred Abbey”. This privilege fell in abeyance a number of times, but on 11 April 1308, Archbishop William Greenfield confirmed the grant, and Selby remained a “Mitred Abbey” until the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
For a time after the dissolution, the church was unused but in 1618 it became the Parish Church of Selby. During the English Civil War and the Commonwealth period the building suffered with the north transept window being destroyed, and the statues on the brackets in the Choir were demolished.
The church was restored by Sir George Gilbert Scott in 1871–1873 who restored much of the nave for use, and again in 1889–1890 by his son John Oldrid Scott, who restored the choir. The tower was restored in the first few years of the twentieth century.

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We will rehearse from 11 am for this, our final service, as the service itself will take place at 4pm, giving people from the south chance to get home in reasonable time. Our service will be a bit of a Wood-fest with his Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in D and our anthem will be Expectans Expectavi

What’s included in the price?

The price of the course includes your tuition and your music, which will be sent in advance. No food or accommodation is included in the price of the trip, which allows you to tailor it to your own budget. We will organise some meals out for those who would like to take part but they won’t be obligatory.

Accommodation & Travel

You are free to choose whether you want to stay in accommodation in each venue or whether you would like to find a central location. The three towns are not particularly far apart so its up to you. If you come by care you are pretty much free to choose what you do. If you choose to come by train, we will undertake to get you to each venue. There are, however, good rail links between each venue if you would prefer.

Our Aim

As ever, our aim is to help you to develop your vocal technique and to use it to help you to express this music in a way which will bring it to life. Our motto is They Shall Laugh and Sing. We hope to be doing a lot of both.

What will it cost?

£150 (Non refundable deposit £75)

“Book This Holiday (Click here to book the Northern De-Lights Trip)”//

NB. Please do not book non refundable accommodation until we have confirmed that the trip is viable. We need a minimum number to make it work both as a choir and financially and we cannot be held liable for accommodation lost as a result of us not getting the necessary numbers.

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