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May 30, 01:05 PM

A word from Allegra on Yoga

I wanted to write a few words on my generally ‘whole-istic’ approach, to give all you potential Choral Holiday attendees an idea of how we will be able to work together in our daily sessions.
On the last Choral Holiday we spent together, we were in Florence, and we practised Yoga and Meditation on the beautiful lawn behind the Castello Di Gabbiano, as the sun went down over the Tuscan vineyards. It was idyllic, and I loved working with all of you, and witnessing the ‘opening’ of your hearts and bodies as the week progressed.
We were a mixed group, with a wide range of abilities… Some were regular Yoga junkies, and others were attending their first ever sessions. We found Yoga Postures which all of us could do together, and gave some extra challenges to the more bendy members of the group. For me, the most fulfilling part of our work together was our daily Meditation. It was a chance for you to quiet your minds and relax deeply into your surroundings, focusing on your breathing and energy centres.
Having seen the results of our deep meditations in Florence; this year, I propose a daily breathing and meditation session of around 30-45mins, with just a few calming Yoga Postures to help us into the right alignments. Of course, if need be, we can hold two sessions, one with more challenging poses, if there are Yoga junkies amongst you; but this year, I really would love everyone to feel they can take part, no matter what physical condition they feel they are in. The more attendees we have, the more focused and connected we will be as a group, which will enable us to give the best performance possible when it comes to the end of the week.
In my career so far as a young Opera Singer, I have used Yoga, Breathing and Meditation, as part of my daily routine. I won’t sing well if I do not take the time to align my body. For me, it is absolute necessity, and is the difference between truly connecting to the music, and the audience; or not. Deep Yoga breathing, helps us to find the expansion needed to support our singing voices, and the quietening of our minds is crucial to being able to give a successful performance, allowing the music to literally move through you without barrier. I hope that together, we will achieve this in our performance, and that you will be able to take some of the things we learn together out into your daily lives.

Love and Light,

Allegra. x




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