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May 30, 12:41 PM

What is it that makes a Choral Holiday different from other Singing Holidays

There are many companies out there offering singing holidays. So what is it that makes Choral Holidays different?

Well firstly, our primary interest is that we want as many people as possible to discover the true meaning of singing: really letting go and expressing yourself as an emotional being, unafraid to let any listeners hear exactly who you are.

There is no thrill like hearing somebody sing and knowing that the sound you are hearing is exactly what the singer is feeling, right from the core. It rarely happens to people in day to day life, but once you feel that feeling you will never want to live any other way.

Secondly, on a Choral Holiday, we aim to help you technically to get the best out of your voice. We do this through the basic methods that the old Italian singers used to be taught. This way, we can start you on a path towards an ease of vocal production which you may well not have experienced before.

In my teaching, I am often amazed at what I call the singing bowl effect. If you have ever used a Tibetan Singing bowl, you will know that extraordinary effect which occurs when the bowl starts to really vibrate and we hear a sound which is so rich in it’s quality and harmonics that it appears impossible for it to come from the tiny bowl, but it does. Tibetans us these bowls in their meditation.

The same works with singers. If you get them out of their own way and treat them as an empty vessel, their bodies can start to vibrate with tones and harmonics which are quite unbelievable. This is so beneficial because it’s the body’s own vibration and so the body’s energy flow and the general physical and mental wellbeing of the person can only be benefitted.

What else is different? Our staff are not only involved in choirs but are professional singers as well. We don’t look to make people blend, we try to encourage the individual. A group of individuals, all giving their best will make a far more exhilarating sound that a bunch of people who are trying to tailor their output so that it doesn’t offend and so that it can blend with others.

Finally, whilst we have to make a profit, the money is not the over-riding factor. We keep profit margins as low as we dare so that we can offer as many people as possible the chance to partake in this experience. The quality is never compromised and we are always totally upfront about what you are getting, but you will find that you get all this at a price which is considerably easier on the pocket than many of our rivals.
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