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May 23, 01:19 PM

Look, we're going to Lluc

After much detailed preparation, we’re finally ready to start advertising our Choral Holiday to Lluc in Mallorca.

I recently visited the Sanctuary Lluc, with my wife and daughter. The people were absolutely lovely and accommodating in everything that we asked of them.

I told them that we were thinking of hiring the Cathedral in Palma for our final concert. The director of the Sanctuary said “OK, but you could use our chapel if you wish.” We only had to walk through the door to make the decision. Quite the most stunning basilica stood before us. In common with many catholic churches in Mediterranean countries, the outside seems quite plain but the inside is breathtaking.

Sanctuary Lluc is a destination for pilgrims but it’s also a quiet place where people of all creeds can come to unwind. There are few places like it. You can enjoy the pool and the gardens, spend time admiring the historical buildings or visiting the museum, or simply sit in the cafe and enjoy the calm.

So, if you are looking for a singing holiday this summer, why should you choose to come to Mallorca with Choral Holidays?

Well firstly, as far as I know, nobody else is offering a trip to this place. In fact, I don’t think many people have even heard of Lluc, much less thought of going there.

Secondly, you will be working with a high quality team. You can read about our staff on our about page,
but suffice it to say that with an Opera Singer/Singing Teacher/ and international choir trainer, along with one of the finest cathedral organists in Britain and a Yoga teacher who is herself an acclaimed opera singer, you are likely to come back a much better singer than when you left.

We pride ourselves on a holistic approach to singing, allowing people the freedom and the tools to use singing as a real means of personal expression. It’s not about getting the notes right and making a beautiful noise, it’s about learning to feel, express and discover the true meaning of beauty in singing.

Thirdly, we at Choral Holidays truly want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to experience singing in this way in our various venues. We believe that by keeping our profit margins low we will enable more people to partake and our customer base will slowly grow, allowing us to develop into a much larger company. For this reason we have done everything possible to include as much as possible into the lowest feasible price.

Having said that we want to grow it slowly, we have seen a huge improvements in the numbers of people wishing to take part in our events. From humble beginnings on our first weekend trip to Milton Abbey, where we had 16 people, we had 50 this year. The next day we received an emergency call to run a Choral Holiday to Gloucester Cathedral for a weekend in May. One day after advertising it, we had received requests to join us from over 30 people from as far afield as Australia. We will be going to Gloucester with 46 people. The fact that we have organised that whole trip in 5 weeks tells you something about what our customers think of us, as our testimonials section will confirm.

Our trip to Lluc is going to be an amazing event. A holiday of a lifetime at a price you could afford every year. Come and join us.




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