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Sep 5, 12:39 PM

Only 3 weeks to go!

Yes , we’re only three weeks from our trip to Florence. All the flights are booked, the rooms are waiting for us and I have it on good authority that the will be fabulous. It’s currently 33 degrees!
We will be singing 3 pieces at the main mass in Santa Croce, we have a short slot in the Cathedral as well and we are still hoping that when we cisit the beautiful town of Fiesole, we will get the chance to sing in the Roman amphitheatre.
There will be visits to the Bargello Museum and the Uffizi, where you will see works by some of the greatest artists and sculptors in history. It’s all very well seeing pictures of great works, but when you actually stand looking a great work of art “in the flesh” as we will do on this trip, it’s a whole different experience.
We have used up all the rooms we have booked at the Castello di Gabbiano, but they still have a few vacancies so we can fit in a few more if you would like to join us.
This will be the trip of a lifetime.




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