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Singing from the soul

This lack of attention to the words and to their meaning has a hugely limiting effect on the impact of the music. Of course, a choir can make a nice sound and even move people but, if the singer fails to grasp this basic point then the music ceases to be an expression and that is exactly what singing is meant to be; a means of expressing oneself.

2335 days ago

Cantemus Cum Spiritu

Choral Holidays is launching an exciting new project which will go under the name Cantemus Cum Spiritu…….

2371 days ago

I can't read music...

As a choirmaster people often tell me that they worry about joining a choir because, although they would love to sing, they don’t read music. This has also been an issue with people applying for Choral Holidays.

The common misconception is that people who can read music can just pick up a piece and sing it. That is a completely different skill and is called sight reading. The ability to sight-read is by no means something that all professional musicians can do either. Comparatively few professional singers are good sight readers.

2496 days ago

A word from Allegra on Yoga

I wanted to write a few words on my generally ‘whole-istic’ approach, to give all you potential Choral Holiday attendees an idea of how we will be able to work together in our daily sessions.

2505 days ago

What is it that makes a Choral Holiday different from other Singing Holidays

There are many companies out there offering singing holidays. So what is it that makes Choral Holidays different?

2505 days ago


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