Who Are WE?

Choral Holidays was set up with the specific of aim of making good music and having fun. People often complain that the English have no identifiable musical culture to compare with other countries in the UK or other parts of the world. At Choral Holidays we believe that the English have a huge musical culture which is principally to be found in its choral tradition. That tradition has sadly been diminishing over the years but we firmly believe that far more people want to sing this music than are currently doing so.

Many people are put off simply by the idea that they wouldn’t be good enough to sing in a choir. I have spent the last few years teaching groups of people, most of whom would consider themselves not good enough, that they can achieve amazing things.

We aim take parties of amateur singers to venues of outstanding beauty and/or interest and make music whilst having fun and enjoying the atmosphere. There is never a requirement for any sort of audition. We don’t require that people arrive knowing the music on many of our trips, although we do say that the better prepared you are the more we will achieve, and we provide the music well in advance to give you the chance to study it.

We must stress that these holidays are exactly that, a holiday, and that they are aimed at all abilities.

Whether you find yourself in an ancient English Abbey or an obscure church in a far flung European venue you will find yourself exploring places you might well otherwise have missed and experiencing singing and music making in a way which we think you will find is a little deeper and different to anything you have encountered before.

We believe in helping people to learn to express themselves as individuals within the group rather than seeing themselves as part of a choir. We don’t believe in asking people to blend with one another because we believe that to ask someone to fit in with everybody else’s idea of how a choir should be necessarily diminishes the person themselves. We believe that, if everybody sings with every bit of who they are then the result will be a natural blend, full of all that is good in humanity.

On a Choral Holiday, we don’t ask you to sing the dynamics, rhythms and the pitches just because they are there on the page but we challenge you to understand why the composer might have put them there and then express them as part of a personal response to that idea. The results on our trips so far have been impressive and a growing number of people are getting involved and enjoying our events, as our testimonials section shows.