Welcome to ChoralHolidays

Welcome to Choral Holidays, the company that offers Singing Holidays with a difference.

Our motto is “They Shall Laugh and Sing,” and this combination of joyful means of expression is absolutely at the centre of what we do. Our charismatic and gifted leaders will lead you to laugh and sing, providing an atmosphere where people feel free to express themselves in a safe environment, and feel able to challenge their own boundaries.

Since 2010 Choral Holidays has been taking amateur singers to beautiful places and working with them as choirs in preparation for services or concerts. The music is, of course, wonderful, but we work in a way which allows singers of all levels to develop their vocal and performance skills, enabling them to become more expressive and to enrich their lives.

Many of our customers come away feeling freer, more relaxed, happier and energised. One of the major joys of these trips, for us, is seeing the lasting friendships which our guests form, simply because they have become part of the Choral Holidays community.

In addition to our holidays we have created Cantemus Cum Spiritu: a special choir for more advanced singers, which gives them the opportunity to sing music to a very high level in cathedrals.

On our trips will find great advice on singing technique, style and performance, but everything is done in a relaxed and friendly environment.

In addition to our other services, we offer singing lessons, online or in person, and hold a weekly group zoom lesson which many customers have found fun and enlightening.

Take a look through what we have available and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

Don’t think twice, just get involved and allow yourself to appreciate and experience what we have been so fortunate to have had the undoubted pleasure of this weekend.